Sun Dec 28 20:05:37 CET 2008
Coded by frenchn00b (yellow.protoss@gmail.com)
# n00b in bash
# please notify me per email for mods of this package.
# Looking forward to also progress with Linux

downloads at :
stable:     http://yellowprotoss.ye.funpic.org/debian/pool/contrib/g/gmailbashchecker-0.1.tar.gz

development:     http://yellowprotoss.ye.funpic.org/debian/pool/contrib/g/gmailbashchecker-0.2.tar.gz

last version:    http://yellowprotoss.ye.funpic.org/debian/pool/contrib/g/

    - Bash checking of the gmail accounts
    - Use the gpg encryption :) Cool no
    - Check the processes, and let only one gmailbashchecker running
    - Plays KDE sounds if an email has been received
    - A file in /tmp/ is created as log and permits other users to see that email is received (this is very important for my box because I run mythtv and this pc is shared. Also the other users can use the crontab -e )
Bugs / Uncomplete package:
    - Makes sound again when user check his emails :)
    - Sending a reply for email, doesnt make any sound because gmail uses labels
    - Looking forward for developpers and help (n00b level)
    - Creates ~/tmp/
    - Encryption and security can still be far improved
    - Debug and log can be added
    - A configuration file could be also added

    - KDE sounds to be installed
    - Bash (I am not sure that it works with Ubuntu because of a bug in the sh, still uncorrected for many years. )

    - A normal .festivalrc for Alsa:
cat <<! >~/.festivalrc
(Parameter.set 'Audio_Command "aplay -q -c 1 -t raw -f s16 -r \$SR \$FILE")
(Parameter.set 'Audio_Method 'Audio_Command)
run: sh /tmp/createthefestivalrc
    - Debian Stable is adviced as always

Use (example):

    first time:
        gmailbashchecker  --help
        gmailbashchecker  --configure+genkey
        gmailbashchecker  --configure

    then one session (where it will check every 60 seconds)
        gmailbashchecker 60s    

Enjoy !
Please email me the mods !